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Each writer has a story to tell. Authors create vivid and exciting worlds in their minds and then, ink it to paper. Creativity should remain unbridled. That's why letting your words speak for themselves is job #1 at Azoth Khem Publishing.

For our currently accepted genre list, please refer to our submissions page.

What Can You Expect as an Azoth Khem Author?

✨ A second-to-none editing service. Our editors are professional, fast working and incredibly pedantic! Whilst we expect all submitted manuscripts to be polished, we do understand that Authors don't always make the best editors. By the time your book hits the presses, all typos, grammatical and formatting errors will be well and truly ironed out!

✨ No fees - EVER! As with all good, professional publishers, we do not charge any fees whatsoever for editing, formatting, publishing, and marketing of your book.

✨ Your own web page. Every Azoth Khem author (novels, novellas, collections, poetry books) will have their own page on the Azoth Khem website. We are more than happy to include links to your Amazon author page, own website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

✨Active marketing team. We pride ourselves on our aggressive marketing approach to the huge book market. Not only are we active in social media, and alternate places of publishing, we are approaching the big booksellers as well as the smaller, independent establishments. Of course, we expect our authors to take an active part in marketing their works with us too!

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*Current Charity Anthology accepting submissions-- male authors only*Click here for more information