Anthology Submissions

Carnival of Madness Anthology

CARNIVAL OF MADNESS continues to seek traditional Psychological-Thriller Short Stories! We are extending this collection until we are satisfied with the content. Please do not submit Gore, Bizarro, Splatterpunk, or Shock-Value Violence for this particular collection. Seeking authors with a penchant for the Twilight Zone, X-Files, Dark Mirror, Alfred Hitchcock, Night Gallery, and Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Buy the ticket and step into the last Carnival you will ever attend! Authors, let your darkest ideas and fantasy unite at the Carnival of Madness. Psycho-thrillers invite their audience to be a part of the nightmare that you create! So....Wanna go for a ride?

Participating Authors so far: Bill McCormick, Virginia Carraway Stark, Shermie Rayne, Wile E. Young, T.G. Arsenault, Stephen Roy, Claire Davon, Christina Durner, Dutch Walden, Alan Murdock, Justin Zimmerman, Darren Todd...

5k up to 7K Word Count per story. $25 contributor payout and a contributor copy of "Carnival of Madness." We are extending the submission deadline into 2017, to assemble the best stories.

For "Carnival of Madness," please send submissions to

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The Beast Under your Bed YA Horror Anthology

Remember when you were younger and you couldn't wait to snag the next copy of Goosebumps, Fear Street, or read another Christopher Pike book? Remember when Gremlins came out and it was the scariest thing next to the adult "Critters" movie? Or when Tim Burton graced us with the first children's bizarro movie? Those memories are slowly becoming just that...memories. It's time our youth are given another chance to read like we did. "The Beast Under your Bed" specializes in child horror.

Up to the pre-teen age, the stories should be filled with enough horror to frighten them, but with an ending to keep them coming back for more.

PG writing is a requirement! No cursing or dropping F-bombs. Stories need to be clean of adult content (these will literally be marketed to young kids.)

Send in your best creepy, monsters in your closet, vampires outside your window, and Monster land under your bed (Remember the movie with Fred Savage Little Monsters? Epic movie and perfect to show the fear but courage that children have to face their fears.)

3k-10k word count. Crisp and polished work.
No deadline, ongoing project with multiple volumes.
Split Royalties for Payment.

Send your submissions to
and for more information email

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Big Girls Don't Cry: An Anthology of Strong Women

Every woman has her day where she feels like giving in to the torments of life. They are at that low point in life where they believe themselves to be worthless. Azoth Khem Publishing is looking for stories full of strong, leading women characters that either grow or learn from their growth and implement in their daily struggle of life; to show that women are stronger than they think they are!

3k-10k word count.  Crisp and polished work. Charity Anthology.
Female authors only. Mixed Genre.
Deadline June 30th

Please send submissions to  with the project title in the subject line.

Proceeds to be donated to a Domestic Violence Charity

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I Will Not Bow: An Anthology of Persevering Men

Charity Anthology
Male authors only
Mixed Genre

Men have long been perceived as the backbone of society. They are expected to push forward, show no emotion, and be the rock everyone needs. No one thinks of the personal struggle men go through day to day. Azoth Khem Publishing is looking for stories that show the strong and soft nature that all men possess and how they get through day to day with their inner turmoils.
3k-10k word count.
Crisp and polished work.
Deadline June 30th

Please send submissions to with project title in the subject line.

Proceeds to be donated to a Veterans Charity

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2017: A Space Obituary: The Return of SciFi Horror

Azoth Khem Publishing is seeking submissions accepted until we are pleased with the six novelettes. If you think "In space... no one can hear you scream... just try taking out your ear buds!"

Submit your 15 - 17.5K Manuscript to Split Royalties Payments

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Azoth Khem is seeking fan-based conspiracy fiction for Conspiracy Takes a Holiday. Formats for these multiple volumes will include collections of short stories, full-length novels, novellas... Express your opinions, write from the perspective of an Army Private witnessing the Battle of Los Angeles, the guards who walked with the Kennedy motorcade, or perhaps the perspective of female members of the Illuminati.

Participating authors for short-stories: John Kaniecki

All these possibilities will be included in the Conspiracy Takes A Holiday Volumes!

Split Royalties