Dani Brown

Born in Oxford but raised in Massachusetts, Dani Brown is the author of “My Lovely Wife”, “Middle Age Rae of Fucking Sunshine”, “Toenails”, and “Welcome to New Edge Hilll” out from Morbidbooks. She is also the author of “Dark Roast” and “Reptile” out from JEA.

She has written various short stories across a range of publications.
When she isn’t writing she enjoys knitting, fussing over her cats and contemplating the finer points of raising an army of dingo-mounted chavs. She has an unhealthy obsession with Mayhem’s drummer and doesn’t trust anyone who claims The Velvet Underground are their favourite band.

She currently lives in Liverpool, England with her son and 3 cats.

Books out by Azoth Khem Publishing:

 Stara (paperback coming soon)




Other Published Work:


Dark Roast
Welcome to New Edge Hill
Little Bo Peep
My Lovely Wife
Middle Age RAE of Fucking Sunshine

Short Stories/Anthology Contributor:
'The Black Room Manuscrips Volume 2' (Sinister Horror Company)
'Monsters of Metal: An Anthology' (Jaded Books Publishing)
'Trollkind: Under The Bridge' (J. Ellington Ashton Press)
'Girls Rock Horror Harder, Issue 4 (Von Stark Publishing)
'The Siren's Call Issue #23' (Sirens Call Publications)
'Rejected For Content 3: Vicious Vengeance' ( J. Ellington Ashton Press)
'Splat' (CreateSpace)
'Doorway To Death: An Anthology From The Other Side' (J. Ellington Ashton Press)
'Girls Rock Horror Harder, Edition 3' (Forsaken)
'Suburban Secrets: A Neighborhood of Nightmares' (J. Ellington Ashton Press
[As Danielle Brown] 'Aliens, Sex & Sociopaths: The Best of Surreal Grotesque'