Michael Noe

Michael Noe is a horror writer from Barberton Ohio. He is the author of Legacy, The Darkness Of The Soul, and the upcoming short story collection Insecure Delusions. When not writing he reviews books on his website Slaphappy Fun Time and collects vinyl records.



Work Published by Azoth Khem Publishing:

The Darkness of the Soul Insecure Delusions

Other Work Published:

The Darkness of the Soul

Suburban Secrets: A Neighborhood Of Nightmares
Undead Legacy
Flashes Of Darkness: Halloween Special 2015: A Flash Fiction Collection
Rejected For Content 2: Aberrant Menagerie
Dynatox A Go-Go
JEAPers Creepers
Destroy All Robots
M v F: Death Personified (Males Vs. Females Book 2)
Kaiju: Lords of the Earth
Autumn Burning: Dreadtime Stories for the Wicked Soul
Doorway To Death: An Anthology From The Other Side
Busted Lip: An Anthology by Jaded Books Publishing
Monsters of Metal: An Anthology by Jaded Books Publishing
The Gore Carnival Series: An Anthology by Jaded Books Publishing
Black Candy: A Halloween Anthology of Horror by Jaded Books Publishing
Slashing through the Snow: A Christmas Horror Anthology (Azoth Khem Publishing)

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