Soul on Fire: Tattered Wings Poetic Series Vol. 1

Soul on Fire (Tattered Wings Poetic Series Vol. I) by K.H.

Its a morbid fascination of mine
Yearning to be free
Begging to stay caged
The mind is beautiful
But also a twisted cruel and torturous device
That leaves one reaching for love
Craving it
Knowing its unrequited
And chooses to remain shackled
To the melancholy
The woes
The numbing satisfaction
Well numb isn't the word
It's a peaceful floating
As if one is suspended in death
Because if you can't feel pain
You can't feel your heart shattering
Into a tiny million pieces

Every person experiences an ethereal sojourn that changes their perception on the grand scheme of life. They awaken to a different experience shadowed from the previous day. Some awaken to happiness, contentment, and absolute paradise while others awaken to tragedy, despair, and a sense of hopelessness that cannot be shaken. Tattered Wings is an epitome of one poet's journey starting with heartbreak and devastation that left her shattered, in pieces, yearning for a reprieve, and baring her soul sprawled out on the floor. You can see the poet as she struggles to overcome the daily challenges life has presented to her and begging the Almighty for a reprieve. A darkness shrouds her and she feels the inky black abode breathing down her neck as she pushes forward, some days barely being able to drag herself from the abyss she dips her toes in. She while aways the sunrises taking for granted the brush strokes of joy and love that temper her dark canvas while the following sunsets leave her feeling desolate and forlorn for taking such immeasurable grace without appreciating it. Follow this woman as she shows us her dark pilgrimage in this beautifully crafted poetic series that paints a canvas using the inky darkness of her soul as her light is trying to break free to set her soul alight.

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Kasey Hill has lived in Franklin County, VA for most of her adult life. Spending two years in journalism in high school, and a few articles published in the Franklin News-Post, she built much of her young adult life around reading and writing. After being from the craft for a few years, she decided to get back into the creative writing flow. She has three novels published, Wastelands of Oz, Firefly of Immortality, and The Darkness in the Woods, and many more stories circulating for anthologies as she pushes her passions forth into the writing community. Having published three poetry books, Dreams of Broken Soul, Tiptoe through the Tulips, and Bittersweet Symphony an upcoming poetry book release, and a nonfiction book about Wicca, she began her path of becoming an established author. Now, along with her writing career and as the former owner and CEO of Jaded Books Publishing, an independent small press specializing in horror, she has merged her former company and sister company, Azoth Khem Publishing. Now she is Vice President of Azoth Khem Publishing and acquisitions editor of horror and erotica.