Subliminal Messages Poetry Collection

 Subliminal Messages: A Collection of Poetry, Prose, and Quotes

 by Kasey Hill (Author),‎ Elias Raven (Author),‎ Ethan Radcliff (Author),‎ FK Brown(Author),‎ Alfa (Author),‎ Leah Negron (Author),‎ TS Woolard (Author),‎ Lynn Wolff (Author),‎ Alex Wild (Author),‎ Steven Evans (Author), Dutch Walden (Author)

Subliminal messages are everywhere. They are in the movies we watch, the music we listen to, and even everyday posts on social media. What most people do not realize is that they are the basic foundation of poetry. Every poet has a place they reside in their own mind, and when they bleed the ink on paper, they have written a hidden part of themselves that most people cannot recognize. Poetry is a metaphor for living, for breathing, and most importantly for dwelling. The deep innermost thoughts surface through pen and paper as poets trace their soul through letters and words. These ink blots become fragments of their mind and lay out a story for all to read and interpret however their soul wishes to interpret. Thirty-seven poets came together and bound together with a message for all of you to unlock in their poetry, prose, and quotes. With well over one hundred poems, the ink blotted pages your fingers stumble through will fill your mind with whatever you interpret from the poetry. These poets bled their soul; now it’s time for you to decipher them.

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