Unusual by John Ledger


Unusual: 26 Short Stories by John Ledger

Welcome to the happiest place on earth, a place where nightmares come to life, and all of your dreams decide not to come true. Abandon all hope as you enter the mind of the deluded, the broken, and discarded. This isn’t your typical short story collection. This, my friend, is Unusual.


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John Ledger lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with his girlfriend Dawn Cano (Queen of Extreme). He is a father, a son, and a downright appalling individual. He enjoys Chinese food, professional wrestling, serial killers, cults, snow, ballroom dancing, punk rock, and bedtime stories read to him in a William Shatner-like voice. He is the author of Abstract Island, Chaotic Oddities, and several short stories that will make you want to listen to techno music underwater. You can find him on Facebook, acting like a complete asshole.