Wonder Lust: The Bloodties of Morrigan Book 1 by James MacKnight

Morrigan is a hapless victim of brutal school bullies until she meets the mysterious Susanna, an apparently young and beautiful woman with a dark secret.

Seduced by Susanna's power, charisma, and sensuality, Morrigan is granted the supernatural powers and immortality that free her from her tormentors. She is soon to find that freedom from human anxieties comes at a terrible price. When Susanna takes her on a rampage of torrid sexual encounters, bloodlust, and murder across the West Coast of Scotland.  Their extravagant immortal lifestyle is soon brought crashing to a halt when the ancient and powerful vampire Nachtan Mor appears, determined to restore order.

Nachtan gives Morrigan a chance to learn control over her powers and insatiable lusts. When Morrigan discovers the secrets of who Susanna is and how she and Susanna are connected over centuries of time, her obsession with Susanna boils over and all hell breaks loose when the police discover she isn't aging. In the meantime, Nachtan is forced to confront the misdeeds that set him off on the path to immortality over a thousand years ago in the Highlands of Scotland.

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James MacKnight is an author and record producer from the West Coast of Scotland. A devotee of vampire fiction from an early age and inspired by the folklore of his native Ayrshire, he began writing the Bloodties of Morrigan Trilogy while temporarily retired from music production. His other literary works include Money Talks, Music Walks, a semi-autobiographical black comedy novella about Scotland’s music industry, and The Singularity, a cyberpunk novella about artificial intelligence automation.