We are a new independent publisher of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horor, Romance, Erotice, Poetry, and many other (see submissions page for other accepted genres.) We have accepted many new authors and those that are well known in their genre in the writing community both as Indie and Traditionally published authors.

At Azoth Khem Publishing, we put our authors first. Starting with your submission to the publication of your book, we include you in every step along the way including cover designs and editing. We strive to make your publishing experience a five star rating along with a healthy publisher/author relationship. We treat each manuscript with the proper attention and expectation it deserves.

Our staff work around the clock to ensure your needs are met and are comprised of those who have been in the Indie scene for quite some time. We provide our authors with top notch editing services from reputable editors, a promotions/advertising staff,  and a skilled cover designer.

If you have any questions, please visit the Contact page for information on how to get in touch with the staff members.

What Can You Expect as an Azoth Khem Author?

✨ A second-to-none editing service. Our editors are professional, fast working and efficient! We at Azoth Khem know that no matter how much you polish a manuscript, there will be edits still needed. No one is a perfect editor. However, by the time your book is finished and ready to be published, it will have gone through several editing passes, formatting that is par for Amazon and Kindle uploads, and all grammar and formatting will be done at a professional level. We strive to put out perfect manuscripts for your audiences to read!

✨ No fees - EVER! Azoth Khem is a traditional publishing company meaning that we provide all of our services to our authors free of charge taking only royalties as payment for any work done on your manuscript. This includes editing, formatting, publishing, and marketing of your book. There isn't a single traditional publisher out there that will ask for money to market your book. That is what is called a vanity company and we highly recommend you to steer clear as no other company will take you seriously as an author after.

✨ Your own web page, as well as any social media pages, which requires creation such as Facebook author pages. Every Azoth Khem author (novels, novellas, short story collections, poetry books, etc) will have their own author page on the Azoth Khem website. This page will link to your Amazon author page, own website, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. as well as your author biography, an author biography photo, and any special mentions with interviews in blogs and magazines that you provide us with. We strive to make you branded and searchable on the internet.

✨ Active marketing team. At Azoth Khem, we provide marketing at no cost to the author. Not only are we active in social media, and alternative places of publishing, we are approaching distribution through main outlet stores where most of your shopping needs are met. This, however, does not mean the author shouldn't market their own books. You built your audience yourself, so keeping marketing strategies of your own is a keen idea to implement and we are more than welcome to offer directions on how to.

Email: Azoth Khem Publishing